Health Insurance Coverage and Autism Treatment: What You Need To Know!

When you suspect your child has a developmental delay, you do a great deal of research on the topic. If you’ve received a diagnosis, you then do even more research on treatment and interventions.

At some point, you will face the reality that payment for these services is a factor, so obtaining assistance in reviewing your insurance policy may become a reality for you.

Private Insurance

Find out if your child’s pediatrician can help you obtain referrals, and then check with your insurance company to determine how these referrals are handled. Is there a list of preferred providers you must use?

Do you have a case manager assigned to your child’s care? Is there supplementary health insurance available for children with disabilities?

Call your insurance company to make sure you have the most current information on your coverage, and call again to find out who the case manager (the person who will oversee your child’s care) is and how best to contact him or her.

Other Assistance

Find out if Medicaid covers any of the services your child may receive, or if your child qualifies for Early Intervention services (no-cost or low-cost treatment services mandated by Congress).

Investigate your state’s assistance programs, often offered through the Division of Medical Assistance or Department of Health and Human Services.

When you’re faced with a diagnosis of autism and the care that follows, the last thing you want to face is wondering how the services your child needs will be covered.

Just as you’ve educated yourself about so many aspects of autism, you should educate yourself about your health insurance coverage as well.

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