margie-wagner-icon.jpg Early Signs Of Autism Was Founded By Margie Wagner, M.Ed.

Margie passed away in 2015, but this site lives on in her memory and will continue to help provide information and resources to autistic children and the parents, and families who care for them.

For 30 years, Margie Wagner worked with children with special needs:  emotionally-disturbed children, young children with disabling conditions, socially-disadvantaged children and children with acute, chronic and life-threatening illness. The cornerstone of her work was her commitment to training and supervision.  In 1993, she founded Child Development Media.  Starting in 1987, she produced Video Theaters for professional conferences and was a video editor for multiple professional publications.

In the 21 years prior to her founding of Child Development Media, she directed the Child Life Program at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles where she had the opportunity to train numerous staff members and hundreds of students. Other professional experiences included Educational Therapist at the Dubnoff Center for Child Development and Educational Therapy, Master Teacher at the Demonstration Preschool of the University of Southern California, and Counselor at the Orthogenic School at the University of Chicago.

She served on state committees and on the Board of the Association for the Care of Children’s Health.  She was a board member of the Infant Development Association of California and the Ruth Pearce Fund for Therapeutic Companions.  She was also a founder of the Chase Foundation, which is dedicated to the support of Child Life Art and Play Therapy Programs in children’s hospitals everywhere.