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Possible Warning Signs of Developmental Delay – Birth to 12 Months

Knowing the developmental stages for children aged birth to 12 months is crucial for parents. Once parents are aware of the possible warning signs that indicate a delay or disorder, they ca[...]

What Does Autism in the Young Child Look Like?

Parents and caregivers are nearly always the first to notice that something about a child is “different.” Knowing what the signs and symptoms of autism look like will help parents to de[...]

Autism Signs and Overall Development

Autism is a complex disorder for which there is no medical test. Parents are often the first to notice the signs of autism in their developing child.[...]

Autism Treatment: Early Intervention is Critical

While there is no cure for autism, the disorder is certainly treatable. Early intervention is crucial in securing the best possible outcome for children with an autism diagnosis.[...]

What if the Pediatrician Tells Me That Some Children Just Develop More Slowly?

As a parent, you know your child better than anyone. If you have concerns about your child’s development that you feel your pediatrician is not taking as seriously as you would like, foll[...]

If you are a Parent, Talk to Your Pediatrician and Ask for a Developmental Evaluation

Parents who have concerns about their child’s development should follow up with their pediatricians. Asking for a developmental evaluation is the first step in obtaining more information [...]

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